What is "Women's Empowerment Weekend?

Women's Empowerment Weekend is a weekend retreat spearheaded by Amanda Hedrick geared to bring together a group of strong and positive women to discuss topics like womanhood, leadership, and ... drum roll ... empowerment. The intention is to be reminded of our individual strengths, to set intentions for ourselves, to support each other, to share our experiences, to grow, and to find and empower the strong woman within each of us. 

And then there is of course lots of laughter, fun in the sun, lazing by the pool, sipping wine, eating delicious food, yoga classes, meditation, crafting, and puzzle-ing. For our virtual retreat we will find ways to connect online instead of in person.

Can I invite my girlfriends?

Since the format has changed, feel free to invite people who you think might be a good fit, but please let us know so we can gauge participation and prepare for a larger gathering.

Can I only attend part of the virtual weekend?

YES! We realize that this is not a substitute for our actual retreat. Everyone's situation at home is different and we don't expect you to be able to participate in all the online activities. Instead we want to to pick and choose the events that will be most helpful/empowering/fun for you. We do, however, ask you to rsvp for the events you are interested in so we can nix the events that don't generate enough interest, and prepare appropriately for the ones that are popular. 

Why is there a $20 fee?

Website and Zoom subscriptions aren't free so we hope that you can help us off-set some of the costs we have incurred. If there is extra we will be sure to keep it in our WEW fund for our next gathering.

How will it all work?

There will be a moderator for each session to ensure that there is purpose and direction to each discussion and activity. We will also try to keep discussions small (we may opt for several breakout sessions) so that we can provide a meaningful interaction with each other. 

Activities like workouts and meditation will include all participants since there is one instructor and no interaction is necessary.

Your Zoom link is the same for each meeting:

You can also find the link here: 

1. In your email confirmation

2. In your printed schedule which you received in your welcome package

3. The same schedule is accessible here.

4. In your GroupMe app (if you've downloaded it).

What do I do if I have technical difficulties?

In our experience - your biggest enemy is a slow internet connection. If you can help it, make sure that is taken care of. Call your internet provider if necessary. Sometimes it helps to connect your computer to your phone's hotspot instead of your home internet.

If you are having other issues, we will do our best to help. First, please refer to your tech guide from your welcome pack to rule out some common problems. If that doesn't help you can chat with us via the website, on Zoom (if you are able to log in) or on the GroupMe app.

Worse case, remember that you can call into Zoom meetings via your phone line.

Why do I have to download the GroupMe app?

You don't. This is entirely up to you. GroupMe features a calendar and a chat function that we plan to utilize during the event for a more instantaneous connection. The calendar feature includes Zoom links for easy access to your sessions. 

What's the picnic all about?

We are planning one component of this weekend that will be in person - and of course 100% optional. For those of you who feel comfortable to attend an in-person gathering, we are planning a bring-your-own-food-and-drink social distancing picnic. That means that we will sit in a large awkward circle with 6 feet in between us so we can see and hear each other in person. The picnic will take place at Lake Temescal in Oakland. More detail to come.

We are very aware that a virtual WEW is nothing like the real deal but we miss you and are looking forward to connecting with you - even if only virtually for now.

Let's get empowered!! 

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